Week 31: Val

OK, it's back into the swing of things!!  We've got some family in town so it's been on the go - I feel like a tourist again in LA, which is really fun.  This polka dotted piece came from Miss Val in Eugene, OR and is going to be the weekend wares!  Week 31: Val - Before

"Miss Mariss, I grabbed this when I was thrifting at Goodwill during my last stop.  I think the colors are really pretty, but it definitely needs some work.  It's like a pastel snowstorm and hail patterned dress, LOL.  Can't wait to see the finished product, girl."

Ha, it's totally a scattered showers dress Val!!  Lots of dots and even a few holes...

Big hole!

Not the most fun dress right now, but we'll get it to a chic spot (PUN!!) in no time!!

The holes were on the seam keeping together the top from the skirt, so I decided to just remove the skirt from the piece.

Removal at the seam!

Once I got it in two, I took the shirt and cut a vertical slit down the center to the waist and peeled back both sides.

From one to two pieces!

I stitched down the center and rehemmed the bottom of the piece.

Almost done!!

With the addition of a hot pink polka dotted belt from J Crew that I thrifted for $2, I went to the abstract market :)

Just doing some Farmer's Marketing...

Our cousins from Austria just hit LA so we did the circuit...

We stopped by the Hollywood sign with about 75 other visitors...


...before stopping at In-N-Out for a little treat!


A trip to LA isn't complete without a stop here...

Hello Bowl!!

Since I virtually live at the Hollywood Bowl, this one was easy :)

Le Bowl

We relaxed to Sarah McLachlan crooning all night with the Bowl Orchestra.  It brought me back to 1995 when I was in high school when I listened to her on repeat!


We had a blast and since we were in the area...

La Famiglia!

...we stopped at Grauman's Chinese Theater where it was decked out like Hogwarts for Harry Potter!!

Potter Frenzy!

PS, is it blasphemous that I haven't seen any of them??  I always wanted to read the books before seeing the movies but that never came to fruition!

SV found Matt Damon's prints right in front...if the shoe fits!!

SF or Matt Damon?

And all this touristing happened on the Carmageddon weekend too...  I got to places faster than I've ever gotten to them before and the below...

Carmageddon, what?!

...this weekend might be the only time my traffic stats on Google Maps looks this green!!