Week 32: Nicole's NDAD Creation

Today's look comes from Nicole who took this little house dress from home bound to out on the town in a few small steps! Nicole - Before

"Came across this "house dress", a friend of mine called it a "duster" at my neighborhood thrift store.  I saw the possibilities and gave it a new home...

I tailored the sides with darts, took off the lace and replaced the buttons.

The leftovers...

I think I will wear it with bright colored tights and Mary Janes :)  I don't think it was worn in public before me, (you never know, LOL)

Nicole - After

The best thing about re-inventing these dresses is that they are one of a kind!"

Nicole - After

Thanks for sharing your piece Nicole!  Love the simplicity - the tights and MJ's are going to look fab :)