Week 32: Royals Week Leftovers!

I went back to one of my 'Royals Week' pieces for today's creation!! Royals Week Leftovers - Before

When I tweaked this fab dress back in April, I was left with that beauty queen sash of sorts...

Sash Leftovers!

I was originally thinking I'd perhaps do a bikini top or something fun and beachy, but then went a different direction when I saw JW's Barcelona-ian head piece she brought back from a recent trip to Spain.

The Spanish inspiration!

I loved and had to make my own version!!

First, I measured the piece around my head and cut the sash in two to fit around the noggin!

Trim in half!

Once the piece was fitted to my head, I began to gather and stitch each end before stitching the two sides together.  I did this all by hand as there was tons of material that needed to be handled :)


Once the piece was all stitched and done, I put the new headbandy-turban on my head and vegged out on my melon couch that will soon be a new shade!


I totally feel like Edie Beale in this - I wasn't sure if I was going to look ridiculous or not...

Pose, much?

...but felt that if Mary Kate Olsen can rock it like it's her job, I can try my hand at it.

MK rockin the turban

I was surprised how much I enjoyed wearing this on my head!  I'm usually more of a hat gal, but I can get on this turban action while it's still trendy!!

My new favorite spot of my apartment!

Shoot day tomorrow - will tweet a few and post some when it's through :)