Week 33: Jenny W.

I was literally OBSESSED with this ridiculously amazing muumuu I received from Miss Jenny W. in MN...  From afar, a regular muumuu. Week 33: Jenny W. - Before

Up close and personal, covered in tigers!!


I mean, can this possibly be the most fiercest muumuu ever created?  (Jenny W., you know me so very well...lions, tigers & bears, oh my!!)

When I saw this and thought of my muy importante concert to attend, ahem HALL & OATES, I just knew I had the outfit.  Clearly it's becoming my Maneater dress.

Hall. &. Oates.

"The woman is wild, a she-cat tamed by the purr of a Jaguar." And even more so in this dress!!

Because of the hotness, the actual temperature, not just the dress, sleeves are coming off.  I'll keep some sleeves attached soon!!

Sleeves off!!

Seam ripper helped to removed the sleeves which will be coming in handy in a flash!

Sleeve tweaks!

I pinned the armholes down and also pinned the area to take in as well - I grabbed a little over an inch on each side, just to make the body a bit more snug.  Sewing is coming in a jiffy, but first I went back to those leftover sleeves!

Sleeve Trim!

I trimmed three strips of fabric (in two inch pieces) that were going to become my belt.  After trimming, I began pinning the edges together.

Cut and attach

I sewed all three strips together and pinned the fabric in half, dull side on the outside.  Began stitching...

Attachin' the belt!

...and was leftover with one long piece!

Happily stitched inside out!

I trimmed the excess fabric along the seam...

Inside out time!

...and began to turn the newly crafted belt inside out!

Belt! (That looks more snake-ish than tiger-y!)

Once the arms and body were stitched, my concert dress was ready for a little 'Your Kiss is on my List" singalong with Daryl and John!!

It was also the first night back at the Hollywood Bowl for a summer season of shows with the crew, so it held extra fun/special meaning as well!!

Hall & Oates at the Bowl!!

We arrived early to picnic on chicken from El Pollo Loco (I've always seen the commercials but haven't ever tried it - really yummy!), Pansit (yummy Philippine noodles courtesy of MM), corn & bean salad, mac and cheese, cheese plates, and...

Week 33: Jenny W. - After

...a celebratory cake!!  Happy Bowl is right!!

Inaugurational Cake!

Unfortunately the cake didn't have time to be consumed as we had a little 'nice trip, see you next fall' action take place with the sweet goodness ending up on the cute feet of poor LB :(  (Little side note, I totally would have licked that frosting off if I wasn't so stuffed from all the other stuff...)

Poor LB's new shoe!

The show started and it was like Hall & Oates planned the concert play list just for me.  Opening song?  MANEATER!!  Opening pose?  Check out the below:

Maneater Pose!

We sang along to everything and were pretty much up in our seats dancing the whole time.

There were also tons of fireworks shot off as well, which made for an even more dynamite evening!  Pun, woo!!


The 'Maneater' pose was infectious as LG got on the bandwagon and we did the signature claw grab in unison!

"Oh here she comes...watch out boy she'll chew you up!"

As the show ended and as we walked down the hill to our cars below, I became friendly with the security guys at the foot of the Bowl.  They even complimented me on my dress...not too shabby!!

Security pals!!

To the beginning of a fun, cheap (we got $1 tix for some of the shows) and music-filled summer!!

H'Bowl Class of 2011

PS, Jenny W., 'you make my dreams come true. You, hoo, you, hoo, ooh, ooh!"