Week 33: Lynette

When I opened this package from Lynette in Dayton, OH a few weeks back I thought what a fab 4th of July piece this would be!! Week 33: Lynette - Before

Red, white and blue, check!!  Thicker polyester, check!!  Lots of work to get done, check!!

Because of the heat, first thing that went was those sleeves!  Got my seam ripper and began to take them both off.

Sleeves Off!!

After the sleeves were removed, next came the collar!

Unstitch the collar time!

Didn't want any high neck action to aid in the sweating factor, so more seam ripping around that upper section came next and the thick collar was soon gone!

Collar off!

I pinned the sleeves to prep them to get sewn...

Sleeve tweak!

...and then pinned up that pleat down the center.  As much as I love the chain link material, I wanted to keep it just for the body of the dress.

Close up the pleat

Once that pleat was pinned, it got sewn in place, and the material inside was trimmed out.

Trim out the interior!

Next came shortening...

Trim it short!

...before tidy-ing up all the final touches!!

Sew time!!

Had a new hem...

New hem!!

...and a new dress for the fourth!!

Week 33: Lynette - After

It was lighter and felt way more summery with all the tweaks!!

Driving through LA, I couldn't resist taking a quick photo with my very large pal, also in the same colors!!  We passed the historic Bob's Big Boy in Burbank and I forced a quick detour for a pic!

Me & the Big Boy!!

He had a huge burger on his platter and I had a turkey burger from the grill to enjoy the weekend.

Red, white and blue pals!!

Celebrating the US this weekend with parades, fireworks, good company, and good food was just what the doctor ordered!!  Hope everyone enjoyed themselves!!  Another weekend ensemble posts later tonight!!  Lynette, thank you for my patriotic dress!!