Week 33: Haircut!

In the midst of unpacking and getting settled in my apartment, I finally got that haircut that I had been talking about!  I headed over to Hairroin in H'wood for a little snip, snip. Hair cut time!

I snatched up a Groupon for the salon when I saw it a few months back as I had been wanting to try the space out after seeing a fab cut on a pal and meeting a stylist from here a few years back.

Apartment ideas???

My awesome stylist Zach K., helped give a little more lift to the tresses that had gotten a bit worn out...

It's still long, but healthier and bouncy for the summer!!


I even have some fun frontal layers to boot!  New post in a few, but had to share the new 'do, as I'm super, duper thrilled!!   Now...how long can I not wash my hair to keep the 'right outta the salon' look??  :)