Week 33: All Moved!

Thank you for bearing with my lack of posting the past few days...moving has to be one of the most arduous processes, but it's finally over!!  Woo!! Let's just start off with this pic...this is who moved me across the city.


Bubble gum pink, rolling through Hollywood=best move choice ever!!

The garment rack that was holding clothes in living room broke, of course...

Broken Rack :(

Luckily, the movers had wardrobe boxes to transfer all my hangered pieces.  I didn't want to have to de-hanger, then re-hanger once I moved in.

We loaded up the big pieces...

Dresser & Wardrobe Box!

...and I began to deconstruct my sewing area!

My sewing space!

We grabbed some moving grub...

Grilled BBQ Snack Wrap!

...before I passed out for a quick power nap.  I think I managed about four hours of sleep and one all-nighter over the past few days that I literally couldn't keep my eyes open.

Sleepy Time!!

Everything was finally packed up and off the the new casa we went!!

I had to wait for a fridge to get delivered - not thrilled that one didn't come with the place, but I found a cheap deal...

New Fridge!!

...and replaced the lights in the dining area.

New bulbs!!

After a long few days, with the help of Pink Movers and the bro, we cheersed to a job well done!


I've got LOTS of unpacking to do, but I've got a new apartment!!  I also have lots of new bruises as well...

Bruise-y legs!!

Whew, a total relief to be done...as the place comes together, I'll post some pics!  After being in an apartment for six years (with roommates), this move was exactly what the doctor ordered to get rid of lots of stuff that accumulated!!  I think I made the same amount of trips to the new place that I did to Goodwill this past week.  Yay for purging and donating!!

Back to new outfits!!  Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!!