Week 33: Alaina's NDAD Creation

OK, so the move has been more arduous than I had planned...full post pending :)  Let's just say everything that was 'scheduled' in the lovely blocks of multiple hours (um, Time Warner Cable, I'm mostly talkin' to you...) didn't really pan out in that specific time period, however I keep saying to myself...SERENITY NOW!!  I always think of that Seinfeld ep. "Serenity now, sanity later..."

In the interim, Miss Alaina's recreation is featured today!! Full on holiday weekend garb is getting prepped as we speak and we'll be back on track soon!!  I loved her outcome and am totally Alaina-izing a dress like this shortly.

Her before...

Alaina - Before

Rock that pose girl!!

Alaina began her process by chopping the dress into two pieces.  Crop top and the skirt, trimmed right above the elastic waist!

Two pieces!!

Once it was chopped in two, she focused on the bottom half cutting the excess material that was leftover into new strips (three on each side) to become straps for this soon-to-be halter sundress!

Strips for straps!!

Once the straps were in place, it was braid time!!  (PS, I'll totally sub out my head next time Alaina :) I loved getting my hair braided when I was a kid...so relaxing!!)

They're not just for hair!!

The new straps were braided and Alaina's sundress was ready to be taken out in the sunshine!

Alaina - After

Paired with a white belt, this was transformed from no bueno to something I'd see in Anthropologie.  I love it and it makes me want to bike down the boardwalk with a big floppy hat and covered in SPF 45.  Way to go Alaina!!

Back to move mode...get ready for some serious photo documentation.