Week 34: Teri Part II

I'm finally getting to re-wear the rest of the dress that Teri sent my way, which ended up working out perfectly because it's been oh, so, warm out, and I've been breaking a sweat... Week 34: Teri - Before

...from the summer weather mixed with the fact that I'm in the midst of moving!


This means filling these boxes, duffel bags and plastic bins, and ending up with the below....

Lots o'stuff!!

...all while reapplying deodorant all day long because my lack of (current) AC :)  My arms are getting a crazy workout though!!

Watch out for the gun show!!

So, back to the outfit  - I was leftover with this after the first round...

The leftovers!

Time to get crackin!!

I started by trimming off the 'top' part of the dress with the straps attached.

Trim it off!!

Once that was gone, I began pinning the skirt, as this was going to be a brand new top - something to keep cool in.

Pinned down!

I loved the flowy bit that was on the left side of the dress and wanted to bring that front and center!  After stitching down a new seam up top...

Sew down!

...I took it in on both sides (twice) to make it fit like a glove.

Sewed and tightened!!

My new top was good to go - perfect and cool for daytime...

Week 34: Teri - Part II

...but chic and layerable for evening...

Little curled hair nighttime action going!

Teri...the piece brings more joy my way, so thank you!!  Back to packing and boxing up - more pictures to follow!!