Week 34: (S)mythology Remake & Giveaway!

Today's piece is a copycat from the amazing new book, (S)mythology. I haven't had a lick of time to do much reading lately, however I picked this up and I just couldn't put it down.  It's a total modern day fairy-tale and being a complete romantic it was simply charming. I fell in love with the main character Sophie and decided to create a piece inspired by her. (S)mythology

To get a little background...the book 'whisks you on a wild adventure from the streets of London to the far reaches of the globe - from haunted islands to African villages, from the peaks of the Alps to the depths of the Underworld. Twenty-one year old Sophie has spent her entire life in virtual seclusion in a London flat fearful that should she venture out into the world the curse that was placed on her as an infant would turn friends and lovers into stone (marble, to be exact) just by merely looking at her. But when events beyond her control drive her onto the streets of London, she must combat her fears and battle the forces that have kept her hidden away since childhood.' The book is by first time author Jeremy Tarr, so clearly I felt inspired because his first go was so fantastic - I'm in the throws of first time author-dom right now which will be shared as we continue along...stay tuned!!

My Sophie-esque before shot...

(S)mythology - Before

...that will become Sophie-worthy soon.

I started off by taking off the sleeves - the white cuffs were too much with the white collar, which I was definitely going to keep intact.  Out came the seam ripper...

Taking off the sleeves!

...and off came the sleeves!

Seam ripped the sleeves off!

After tacking up the skirt a bit, the new edges of the armholes were stitched down as well.

Stitch it all down!

Loved the bow, but didn't love it at the collar, so I took that off as well.  It'll make an appearance shortly :)

Off with the bow!

I took a black leather belt and cinched the waist before rocking my new dress!

(S)mythology - After

Miss Sophie has her collar and so do I now!


I played with the bow that came from the front of the dress, however it was a bit too big to fit on clip - I'll get to figuring how to make that work stat!!

Matching bows!

I'm reading my copy...

Reading on the bench, like you do...

...and want you guys to read yours, so...it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

The winner not only gets a copy of the book, but also a few of my favorite things that tie into the whole fairy tale idea.  A little medley of Love's Baby Soft lotion and spray, some vintage-y rhinestone clips from Goody, Alba lip glosses, and an enamel butterfly necklace!!

Win It!!

Leave a comment below and sign up on the (S)mythology site - (www.smythology.co.uk) to enter.  The first day of summer has officially arrived and it's time to get reading, be it at the beach or on your patio at home!!  Winner gets picked on Monday, 6/27!!