Week 34: Aubrey's NDAD Creation

Today's piece comes from college gal Aubrey from TN!!  This one clicked for me this week as I finished up the second part of Teri's mauve dress - using one piece and crafting multiple looks gets me super jazzed - and Aubrey went down that same, multiple usage path!  Probably why I LOVE '2-fer-1' deals at Peet's Coffee on occasion (gratis coffee for friends rules!) or when Target gives away gift cards when a certain product is purchased...get as much as you can out of it, you know?!
"I'm a senior at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. My roommate introduced me to your blog a few months ago and I have to say, I fell in love with it!! Your journey is incredibly inspiring, especially for someone who's a lot better at alterations than following a pattern and has an extremely small budget when it comes to clothing (namely me) :).
My roommate and I went to Goodwill the other day, and while they don't necessarily always have $1 deals, we went on a "half-off-green-tags" day - I got two dresses for $8 and gave them a face lift.

Aubrey - Before

This is a very shoulder-padded blue-floral number and I just loved the roses in the print. I ended up getting 4 pieces out of it. I cut the skirt off about two inches below the hemline, and then cut what was left of the skirt in half. One half of the skirt I turned into a little bolero jacket, the other half of the skirt became a book bag, and a little strip of it became the belt tied around my waist with the bolero.

Aubrey's Bolero & Belt - After

The shirt was taken in at the sides, the sleeves were rolled under and hemmed, and I opened up the neck and hemmed the bottom.

Aubrey's Top - After

I love both tops!"
Way to work it out, Aubrey!! Four pieces from one?!  That may be a new record :)  Keep em comin'!!
FYI...(S)mythology winner announced later today!