Week 34: Crystal

I loved this bubble dress that Crystal in Arkansas sent to me... Week 34: Crystal - Before

It was like the 80s-big hair version of Cinderella's dress, if Cinderella were to have been an extra in a Cinderella video 25 years ago...

I mean...that hair, those outfits!

"Girl, this dress was straight up in the .25 bin at my church's thrift store!  It was one of the cheapest finds that I've come across!!  The waist is elastic, so it should fit you fine but I just don't think you're going to want to let it stay as is right now though.  HA HA!!"

In action!

I just couldn't stop jumping around...that bubble was going everywhere with me!!

For the first step in this recreation, I cut the dress in half!

Cutting in two!!

Once the top of the dress was removed from the bottom...

The top half...

...the edges were tacked down with a little hand stitching (feel free to use safety pins, or even just leave the edges raw!!) and the piece was turned into a strapless top to embrace and enjoy the warm soon-to-be summer temps!!

The bottom half...

I didn't add straps or ribbon to make a halter, but that would be an easy addition for a little extra support :)

Week 34: Crystal - After

Wore this to celebrate Father's Day with the fam!

Father's Day fun!!

Since it was dad's day, we did a little beer and brats pairing at Wurstkuche in downtown LA...

Cheers to dad!

...before an impromptu photo shoot in the street in front of amazing street art, posters, and even in doorways :)

Doorway hijinks!

Such a fun and outdoorsy day to enjoy some family hangin'.  Crystal...keep scoping out that quarter bin because this piece was fab!!