Week 34: Father's Day NDAD Creation Medley!

Happy Father's Day!! I've received a few remakes from you guys using men's clothes, so I thought today would be fun to feature those being that it's a day to celebrate the dads!

There are three fab remakes from three fab gals today!  Love to Angela, Marianela and Lauren!!

My gal Angela took her husband's old tie dye t-shirt to make a little jumper for her daughter.  Hippie, hippie, shake!!

Jumper City!!

Lauren took her grandfather's shirt and crafted a chic skirt with it!

Hello tweed!!

Finally Miss Marianela was inspired to "raid my husband's side of the closet and try to make something new!

The raid!!

I have so many things I have made but can't actually wear, so this was SO FUN because all the major work was already done for me!  I think I spent less than $1 for the extra corduroy trim at the bottom and the sleeves, and I got the belt from Target on clearance!  I am SO happy with it!

Le Fin!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for your blog and all your hard work."
Thank you, thank you, thank you girls!!  Your pieces turned out great - it's time to do some raiding of my own now!!  Posting my Father's Day activities tomorrow :)