Week 34: Teri

Starting to feel like I'm back in the saddle!!  I took it slow and went with this beaut from Teri! Week 34: Teri - Before

"I don't know what you're going to do with this, but good luck!!  I'm sure it will look divine when you're through!!"

Loved the silver shimmer on this...


Didn't love the dress/cover-up mix, so we're working with the top today and we'll get on the rest of it another day!!

I began by chopping off the cover-up from the rest of the dress.

Trimming along the edge...

Once I had the piece removed, I was left with the following...

The gem underneath!

...which will make an appearance shortly!  I took the new cover-up and did a fine trim along the edge to make it straight.  This poly material wasn't going to unravel, so I didn't need to rehem, but could have if I wanted to.

Perfect trim

With my new piece ready to go, I threw it on top of a tank for my first trip out of the house in three days :)  I needed a bit of Vitamin D as I took a little walk around the neighborhood.

Week 34: Teri - After

I have to say, wearing this, I felt a little glammy even though I'm still not 100%.  The sunglasses stayed on the whole time as I've not donned makeup in days.  Since this was the first 'real' outfit I've worn outside of sweats and yoga pants, I felt closer to being ready to embrace the real world again!


The ruched shoulders were the kicker - gave that bit of femininity on top of the mauve and the glitter!!

I've still got the sniffles, but I'm off of liquids and soup and onto real food now!!  Teri, thanks for your fab dress that is assisting in my recovery :)