Week 35: Leslie K's NDAD Creations

Miss Leslie K from Michigan sent this lovely inspiration my way... "It's one of those 'I've been inspired by New Dress A Day to revamp one of my dresses' messages.

I adore this bias-cut, Carole Little dress that I've had since...drum roll please...1994!!  I'm not one to hold onto outdated clothing (except for Halloween costumes), but I just couldn't bear to part with this, even though I wouldn't be seen outside the house in it.

Before #1, with the hubby

Leslie K's Before - Dress as seen in 1994

and Before #2 with Squeaky "my outrageous and attention grabbing cat"

Time for an update!

I removed the shoulder pads, sleeves, and ribbon medallions around the neckline.  I lowered that neckline just a touch, added armhole darts to take up some of the bustline slack, cut off eight inches at the hem and, by just finishing the armholes as they were, produced a lovely, fluttery sleeve.

Leslie K's Before - Dress as seen in 2011

I've gone from the 1990s to...well, at least I'm in the twenty-first century now, wearing my new creation, ready for another hot and humid summer in Michigan.

Leslie K's After

Thanks for your inspiration, Marisa!"

Thanks for sharing, Leslie - what a fab summer dress you've got!!  Question, where did that lovely hat in the before pic go?? :)