Week 34: Off to a Sick Start

I'm stuck in bed sick friends... Liquids, Soup & Sudafed!

I'm enjoying a cocktail mix of OJ, sparkling water, green tea, chicken rice soup and cold meds.  No fun for me today, as a cold has taken over.  I'm in sweats and a tank, courtesy of Old Navy and Hanes, however I'm resting up to get some fab stuff underway for the rest of the week.  This is actually getting me thinking...something fun to make for my tissues?  To tote my meds?  I'm hoping to be back in action tomorrow, but I'll keep you posted.

Food Network and BBC America is keeping me entertained...a little Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and a mix of Barefood Contessa with Giada.  I'm just trying to stop from changing to Bravo and all the New Jersey Housewives action that is on.  Don't.  Change.  Channel.