Week 35: Tracy

I think I had this dress and actually wore it to Easter brunch in 1991, so when I opened this package from Tracy, it brought back memories... Week 35: Tracy - Before

...aah the fond memories of Peeps, Cadbury Eggs and shoulder pads :)

Nap time!!

"I was going through my closet and this was hanging in it.  I wore this before I had my children and it was always a dress that made me feel so good.  It's super dated now, but still brings me fond memories... Have fun with it Marisa and make it your own!!"

I loved the print - the pastel shade and the white flowers printed on the fabric was fab, however it was a bit much all together.  Pads were the first thing to go...

Later pads!

With the pads out (they could have probably walked on their own...), the next step was to remove the white linen tank that was stitched in.

Out with the pads!

I'm not a big fan of faux tanks, faux vests...

Faux, No!!

...so this was coming out for good!!

Beginning to trim that bib out!

Once the tank was removed...

Bib's out!

I removed the pleated skirt attached to the waistline of the dress...


And just restitched the bottom of the piece, making a new hem.

Restitch the hem!

With all my tweaks done, I threw on an olive tank and a pair of jeans and met up for some celebratory drinks with my former co-workers at dive bar extraordinaire, The Snake Pit.

Week 35: Tracy

My eyes match the snake's :)


From Easter dress to easy-breezy top for a laid back night, this piece was perfection.  Thank you for sending Tracy!!