Week 35: Kara

Today's post is one that I'm super excited about, as this piece documented my last day at work (!!!) before I hit the pavement running with all the exciting NDAD stuff on the horizon. Kara in Huntington Beach, CA - we're practically neighbors - sent this my way!!

Week 35: Kara - Before

"Marisa, I absolutely love the aqua/navy/white color palette and the circles that are all over the fabric.  It has a vintage feel that reminded me of you and I think you can make your 'tweaks' turn this into something fantastic.  Come and visit the OC!!"

I thought that doing something fun at the neck to really pull out the navy shades would be lovely, so I grabbed some velvet ribbon in that same shade...

Velvet rib!

...and began pinning it down to the dress at the neck.

Ribbon Pinning!

Once the ribbon was pinned...

All pinned down!

I sewed it down to the dress...

Sew it!

...and then trimmed the extra material in the center.

Trim the interior!!

The elastic waist was still a bit big, but I belted it and zhuzh'd it a smidge to make it a little more billowy.  Perfect for the last am coffee trip with ML and SM.

Week 35: Kara - After

I was treated to a plethora of mini-Crumbs cuppies that were shared amongst the room.  The Twix cupcake (I mean...) and the minty grasshopper were divine.  I left a box at the office and took home the rest...if any of you are in the LA area, I'll share the leftovers :)


After many tries to get me to put one on, JM finally got his wish.  I took that Breathe Right strip he had been hocking and put it on my nose.  Amazingly, I was able to breathe better, however I was left with a red mark that still sits on the bridge of my nose.

Desk & Breathe Right Teammates!!

I ended up watching the TODAY show this morning, on my first full day being finished and felt it fitting as it was Meredith Vieira's last day as well.

Meredith's End!

I loved the t-shirts with I HEART Meredith on them and the little Don't Stop Believin' flash mobby number...a fun way to start my morning while blogging with my coffee :)

To a new chapter starting now!!  Get ready for some fun stuff around the bend!

Thanks Kara for my fab last day piece...