Week 35: Jenny Part II

When I worked on this piece back during Week 41... Week 35: Jenny Part II - Before

...I was leftover with that fabulously, sewn-on vest that I completely removed as fast as I could.  I thought that it could be salvaged though...

Vest Leftovers!!

Today, we're crafting a little somethin' somethin' for one of my many flea market accoutrements...

I want a house!

Le Glasses du Sun :)

I folded the vest inside out with the buttons facing one edge.  I began pinning a rectangle in the fabric, leaving one of the ends open.

Inside out pinning!

Once pinning was complete, I stitched the open sides down...

Rectangle stitching!

...and once the edges were sewn...

Sewing, complete!

...I trimmed the excess off!

Trim the edges!

After the piece was complete, I turned the puppy inside out...

Inside Outting!

...grabbed some of my lovely Velcro stash...

Heart the Velcro!

...put two closures at the edges...

Closure time!

...and had a fab little sunglasses case!!  I have three pairs (all from the flea market and like $4/each) floating in my purse and even though they're super cheap, I'd still love to keep them in decent condition.

Week 35: Jenny Part II - After

One case down...two more to follow!!