Week 35: Cathryn

This gorgeous dress was sent my way from Cathryn... Week 35: - Before

"I got a kick out of your call for "something your mother wore in the 80s" since I'm a mom who wore dresses in the 80s! Since you've dong lots of 80s style dresses I thought I would send you an example of what my mother wore in the 70s instead!

Another Before

I have a fondness for 70s hostess dresses and although this wasn't actually my mother's, I know she had something similar.  I love the cheery, happy colors and the touch of sequins. Hope you have fun with it!"

And Another

Having an engagement party to attend, I thought this would be the perfect piece to wear!

Because the sides of the dress were slit all the way up to the almost-hip area, that was the first thing that I tackled.  Decided that I didn't need all that breeze I was getting in the pictures above and began pinning the edges together.

Pin the edges!

Once the edges were pinned, I began to work on the length.  I wanted something cocktaily, so I took this to a knee-length level.

Trim it short!

Pinned the hem...

New Hem!

...and began stitching everything together.  Got the edges bonded and the hem tweaked, and all I needed were my patent leather black pumps!

Sew down!

My camera had a little droppage issue (it slipped from my hand and got a slight concussion) so some of pics are a bit out of focus.  I'll snag some other pics from friends to post later!!

Week 35: - After

I loved, loved, loved the outcome.  I was thinking about taking off the sleeves, but being the engagement party was on a terrace in Santa Monica by the water, I left them on for warmth issues and I'm so glad I did!!

The special cocktails were lovely that were chosen for MW & DR's soiree.  I tried the top one and it was delish.

The cocktail menu

It was a lovely night to catch up with friends and celebrate the pending nuptuals...the engaged MW is part of the cooking circle, so we of course had to take a group shot.

The Cooking Club gals!

I think the dessert cake pops might have to be tried out for an upcoming cooking club.  There were strawberry champagne ones, red velvet, lemon, and chocolate, and they were little balls of joy!!

The cake pops!

That just reminded me of Alec Baldwin's 'Schwetty Balls' sketch from Saturday Night Live...

We tried to take a pic, but it was right after my camera's head injury.  This actually looks like what I'd be seeing if it were not for my high prescriptioned glasses and contacts.  Hilarious!!

My camera, pretending it's got my eyesight.

Cathryn, thank you so much for the amazing piece you sent - people kept asking where I got it and each time it began, "...so this lovely reader Cathryn sent this my way..."