Book Deal!!

So, you all guessed right yesterday!!  Classic Concentration was one of my favorites when I was a kid, so I figured that I'd make my own little puzzle :) Classic Concentration!!!

Thank you for the amazing well wishes!  I'll be working with Ballantine at Random House (!!) on the book which will be part of their fall 2012 list.  It's going to be all new pieces which I'm currently on the hunt for now.  The best part is, is that I'm going to be full time working on New Dress A Day!!  Woo!!  I couldn't be happier about my new 100% book/blog combo status!

Jumpin up and down!!

I can finally finish returning emails, sending things out, working on more giveaways (it's gonna be like Oprah's 'Favorite Things' episodes soon!!) and focusing all my time here.  There are lots of fun things coming around the bend and I'm just ecstatic to have you all on board.  Your emails and comments brighten my day and I feel so grateful and blessed.

OK, holiday weekend is here!!!  Go out and celebrate the beginning of summer, have BBQs, sleep in, head to the movies...I'll document the new ensembles and keep you posted on the family celebration dinner-festivities that are on the agenda :)

xx Marisa