Week 36: Sequined Celebration

I ended up doing a little book celebrating this weekend and decided that I had to bring the bling. Week 36: Sequined Celebration - Before

I found this tattered sequined number for a buck and bought it knowing that this would be the piece to do a little celebratory dance in, just like these guys...

Piece looked like a dog gnarled at the sleeve, so it was time to take care of business.

I began by seam ripping the ripped side of the piece at the shoulder.

Seam Ripping Time!

The shoulder was now undone and in two separate pieces.

Detaching hacked sleeve!

I'm working on getting some one-shoulder action happening, so I began folding and pinning in the areas I was going to be hand stitching in place.

Pinning the neck

Once we were pinned and stitched, voila..the new piece was ready to wear!!

Asymmetrical time!!

I'm totally obsessed with Mexican food, and my favorite celebratory spot as a kid was El Torito (I was always into the sombreros and the unlimited chips even as a lass) so a Mexican din with the family was exactly what I wanted and this piece was just the shirt to be festive in!!

Week 36: Sequined Celebration - After

The back looked a little something like this...

Le Back!

Sitting underneath the awninged roof at Marix, I brought a little cardi to keep me warm until the chips came out, but really, I couldn't wait for my favorite thing on the menu...

Week 36: Sequined Celebration - After

Fish tacos!!!

Fish tacos!!

We were all in feasting heaven from the fajitas to the enchiladas that came out to the table.

Me & the Dad

Then we ordered a little piece of pie to seal the sweet deal - any reason to have sweets to celebrate anything is A-OK in my book!!  My dad did the honors and banana cream it was.


The server knew we were celebrating something, so when he brought out the pie with a candle in it and proceeded to sing, 'Happy Birthday', we just went along with it.

Make a wish!!

I even blew out the candle :)