Week 37: Revisit to Day 241

I wanted to make a fun accessory of sorts for the day that basically only really needed some excess fabric to put together!  The fabric from Day 241 was some that I loved plus it made me feel like I was in Hawaii, so I began there!! Day 241 - Before

For today's piece, the only other thing I needed was a paper shopping bag...

TJ's bag!!

Let's get to work!!

I cut about a two inch strip from the bottom of the bag - I did this because I wanted the thickest amount of paper that I could work with.

Trimming the bottom!

I took the excess fabric from Day 241 and began measuring and marking the edges.  I cut out two strips of fabric, put the right sides inside, facing each other and pinned the edges.

Fabric Measuring!!

I went to the sewing machine and sewed together the two long edges as well as one of the shorter ones, leaving the other shorter edge open.

Stitched edges

Once it was all sewed...

Sewed up!

...I trimmed the excess fabric along the edges, turned the fabric inside out, and began to put my paper bag strip into the fabric pocket.

Fabric-covered paper bag!!

With the last edge that was open, I folded the raw edges in and did a quick hand stitch to close it up.

Folding in the end

What I was left with was...

Bookmark time!!

Totally loving my new accessory which anyone can craft with cardboard, junk mail envelopes, OJ cartons...it's just about being creative with what you've got!!

New Bookmark!!

PS, I mentioned that I had some fun news to share, didn't I?