Week 37: Angie

I think I laughed out loud, literally, when I opened this package from Angie in Bristol, CT.  Corduroy, maroon-ish, jumper that hit me at the worst place possible! Week 37: Pam - Before

"My 4-year-old daughter has something that looks just like this, so I had to forward your way!  You could be twins and it's something that looks like it came straight from a kids department but just made larger.  I trust you'll 'make it work' like Tim Gunn says!"

I hated the length the most and wanted to take care of that stat!!  I did like the deep V neck, but was going to have to find something fabulous to put underneath.

OK, the scissors hitting the fabric couldn't have come quicker!!

Trim, trim, trim

With some of the excess, I trimmed about a three inch strip from it and pinned it on the two long edges and one of the short ones.

Excess strip!

This was going to become a little sashy-belt!!

I took my sewing machine and crafted a new hem and stitched my sashy-belt!

Hem and belt time!

Because I left one small end open, I began to turn the piece inside out to get the corduroy on the right side!

Inside out time!!

My piece was complete - took the belt and cinched the waist!  It was just about finding what to go underneath...I went to my blouse collection and decided to go with dots.  Polka dots!!

Week 37: Angie - After

Went to dinner with JT at my favorite tapas spot, Cobras & Matadors, and split a few things including some red beet risotto.  Our server mentioned it was hot pink, but it literally matched my jumper!!

Red Beet & Burrata Risotto

The glasses were on for the evening portion which actually suited the ensemble quite nicely.

By Night...with the glasses

Feeling a bit bookish...a bit scholarly in this ensemble, but my most favorite part was the drapey bow!!

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

Ang, thank you for sending my dear!!  PS, super fun news coming tonight!!!!!