Palm Springs: Part 2

You got a little preview of this puppy before I left for Palm Springs... PS Part II - Before

Just felt a bit Miami, a bit Golden Girls too, if you will...

Dorothy's in brights too!

Currently it's lookin' a bit atrosh, so I'm going to get to some cutting and stitching, stat!

I took off the sleeves first and foremost!

Sleeves: Dunzo

I got one snipped off...

Later elbow length-ish sleeves!

...then came the other! Both are on my dunzo list.

I loved the magenta triangle bit on the piece and I wanted to make that the focal point, so I took seam rippers and removed the attached yellow fabric at the shoulders.  A little bit of taking in, a little bit of ruffle removal at the bottom of the top and the top was almost ready to wear.

We spent the day at the groovy ACE Hotel hanging at the pool!

The Ace!

It was literally a party, all day.  From sequined bikini tops to dogs, this is the coolest pool I've ever been to!

Pool Scene!

I did some last minute tweaks to the top in-between my dips in the hot tub and pool.  Yeah, that's right, I said hot tub...we wanted the pool to feel deliciously cold so we braved the heat for a few minutes before getting in!

Last minute trims!

One of the best parts...a grill set up with $3 fish tacos!! (Another awesome part - cocktail slushies!  Sweet Tea vodka and mojito slushies were served up at the bar on top of the usual findings...)

Fish tacos!

After I dried off, I put my top on to cover the shoulders mostly - the reapplication of sunscreen was happening like clockwork!

PS Part II - After

We had a little corner craft area set up where friendship bracelets were also made!!  Safety pinned thread to our towels and got to work!  KN even made our server one to which he said he'd bring us the 'mistake' drinks...unfortunately we did not see him again.

Bracelets by the pool!

It was hot, for sure, but the water coolers and misters all over the place kept everyone feeling cool-ish.

Mister Mister!!

I think I'd love to bring one of those misters back home with me for all of July.  ACE, can you help me out?


We said we had to make sure to take photo booth pics before we left, but that didn't happen.  I guess we just have to make another trip back out!!