Palm Springs: Part 1

I got in the car, got on the road and got to spend the weekend in Palm Springs to celebrate my girl LP's birthday the past two days, which was a glorious and quick little getaway! Knowing that we were pretty much going to pool it all weekend, I wanted to bring a few things that would be conducive to just that as I lived in the few bathing suits that I brought with me.  Cover-ups for the bathing suit was what I was looking for.

I took this lovely piece...

PS - Before

...and got on it to get it Palm Springs-ified!!

I trimmed...

Trim Trim!

...then took the excess lace from the blue dress used for Week 47: Abigail:

Week 47: Abigail - Before

(What I was left with...)


...and began to pin it to the bottom of the piece.

Lace edges!

Once the lace was pinned, it went under...

Sew that edge!!

The view from the house was stunning and couldn't have been more peaceful.

Serenity Now!!

The big glasses were worn all weekend and I used this piece to wear on top of my bikini and tank.

PS - After

We lounged at the pool...


...catching up on trashy magazines, girl talk, and friendship bracelet making.  (The bracelets make an appearance tomorrow!)

Staying hydrated!

We spent the day outside...

View from a Chair

and then gussied up to go out on the town.

Gal Time with KN, LP, CC, & JA

We did a little celebrating in Palm Desert at the Red Barn (thank you Instagram for making this photo look like something out of a horror movie!)...

Red Barn!

...and The Beer Hunter.

Beer Hunter!!

Foosball, taquitos, and SportsCenter on the flat-screens made up our dive bar night on the town.

Palm Springs Part II, tomorrow...