Week 38: Phyllis Part II

Now I used the frock that Phyllis sent my way over the weekend on Mother's Day...   Week 39: Phyllis Part II - Before

...but I couldn't wait to use this leftover!


I started off by trimming this piece in half...

Trim in two

...and was left with these single ladies. Now put your hand up!

Two strips!

I started handstitching the edges, as they had come undone when I was removing the gauze earlier in the week and also stitched down a big button to be the closure on my new cuff!

Attaching the button!

I next added a bit of elastic that was going to be the new closure to my bracelet.

Elastic time!

It was just the thing to wear to celebrate the birthday of my favorite gal, LP.  I wore a tank and paired it with the sweater that I wore on Day 6 last year, as I felt it was a fitting motif for a visit to the Bigfoot Lounge which always makes me feel like I'm camping, especially when the bartenders are toasting marshmallows for their 'Toasted Marshmallow' cocktail.

Me & LP

My cuff made appearances peaking out of my sweater...(I trimmed those last two straggler threads when I got home!)

New cuff!

...during the oodles of photos we took.


Before I left, I had to rub the belly of this guy...

Rub my belly!

...he totally reminded me of the tiki/curse episode of The Brady Bunch.  Yeah, I'm throwing that reference out there :)

Brady Bunch!!

I spent my childhood watching Brady Bunch reruns on TBS and now it comes in handy..."Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!"