Week 38: Brianna’s NDAD Creation

Today's piece comes from Miss Brianna in St. Paul...it's graduation time and she's a senior, so the timing couldn't be better!! "I started following your blog about a year ago, and it is such a joy to see someone just doing what they love, and having an awesome time at it. I always walk away with something (and thank you for introducing me to the joys of RIT dye!)  Now when I'm thrift storing, I start looking for things to transform as well as keep original. (:

This is a piece that was given to me by someone in my family.

Brianna - Before

I loved the print and the colors (Paris in purple and black, yay!), and the side of the skirt had these amazing purple buttons all the way up.

Le Paree...

Obviously it was too big, and just looked too old for a senior in college, but it had potential...

I took off the straps, and folded under the top to get rid of the purple edging along the upper bodice, and the I took it in just a bit to make sure that it would stay up :) Then I cut off about 4-5" of fabric off the bottom. That brought the hem up to right above my knee, and kept the amazing button detail.

Brianna - After

Now I have an amazing spring dress!  Thank you so much for your inspiration and keep it up!"

Hope you're getting ready for graduation Brianna...perhaps this could be a fun dress to celebrate the soon-to-be-alumni status you'll be receiving?  Thank you for sharing and thank you for making me want to head to Paris for a trip.