Week 38: Mary

I loved this duo ensemble that was sent my way by Mary in Colorado Springs. Week 38: Mary - Before

"I was very attached to this outfit during high school.  It has been in a box for years and needs a new purpose.  At least there should be plenty of fabric."

Stripes, stripes and more stripes!!  I decided to use just the top for today’s piece, but we’ll get this slightly tiered skirt put to use soon enough!

Cuff fix!

I wanted to go for a pouffier look with the sleeves, so I opted to put a bit of elastic in the seam of each one.  First I opened the seam...

 Stretchy, stretchy!

I cut my elastic - measure around your arm area first, before trimming - and clipped a large safety pin to the end of the elastic before pushing it through the seam.

Almost done!

Once both sleeves were finished...

Elastically Inclined Duo!!

I sewed the edges together on the sewing machine and then did a quick hand stitch to mend the open edges!  I decided to tweak the collar a bit and removed the piece along the neck line.  It was a bit too stiff for me, so I took my seam ripper and got crackin.

Collar tweaked!!

Now that the neck was open, I went to the sewing machine to fix the edges.  I did a little more opening up and folded down the front a bit.  This is something where you can have fun tweaking and making a scalloped collar, more of a scoop, whatever works for you.

Week 38: Mary - After

My top was ready for a little a.m. breakfast, taking in the rays!!  I loved the added volume in the sleeves that just gave it more oomf!

I loved Mary's final words..."I've enjoyed your blog.  So far it has only led to this cleaning but that can only be an improvement." That is so true Mary - baby steps :)  Clean a little here, sew a little there!