Week 39: Tracy

A floral bouquet of a dress ended up in my mailbox a few months back and I had been waiting for just the right time to wear.  Tracy sent this my way from Maryland after spending a day garage sale-ing...Tracy, you're my kind of gal!! "The draped material at the waist matched the sleeves which is so pretty, so perhaps you can change it up a bit.  I love flowers and this just seemed like something you would have picked out.  How did I do?"

Week 39: Tracy - Before

Loved the floral print, but it was a bit overwhelming not to mention a smidge big.

I started by cutting about eight inches from the bottom of the dress.

Trim time!

There was lots of lovely leftover fabric and I thought it would be fun to use it as some ruffles, to tie into the layered sleeves.


Before we went ruffle-ing, I trimmed the neck as this is where the fun excess material is going to go!

Neck trim!

I began to pin my ruffles - did a little gather and overlap action at each inch.

Pin and gather!

Once my ruffles were pinned, I tacked them down the the neckline of the piece...

Neck of Flair!

...and sewed it in place.  I also took in the body of the piece as well from the back as there was already a seam in place.  I just brought it in a few inches more.

Stitching down!

With my eBay boots, I took my new dress to dinner with one of my gals to catch up over some Italian food and cocktails.  Just the way to spend a Wednesday night!

Week 39: Tracy - After

It was warmer during the day, but as the photo was being taken I was actually freezing!  I may have brought out this summer dress a bit early :)

We split some pizza and had martinis to go with while running into friends and taking a break from our busy work weeks.

Dinner time!

New ruffled dress was a success - always fun getting complimented by people who don't know that it was crafted on my sewing machine.  Total win!!  Thanks for sending Tracy - you did fabulously :)