Week 39: Bonnie

Today's divine piece comes from Mrs. Bonnie T in a little place that's become famous because of Snooki and The Situation...Jersey. "Maris, This piece has a fun print that reminds me of the art on the walls of my doctor's office, LOL!  Very 1980's, right?"

Week 39: Bonnie - Before

Super 80s, Bonnie :) Time to make a few adjustments!

I told my dad that he'd get a shout out on Father's Day, however he couldn't wait...

Hello Dad :)

I began by taking off the collar that went around the neck of the whole dress.

Ring around the collar!

Once the neck was removed...

Later collar!!

...the front of the dress got pinned...

Close up shop!

...and restitched.

Sew it up!

Because the top of the dress was a bit baggy, I knew I'd be wearing a cami underneath, but I wanted to add a bit more color and tighten it up at the same time.  I grabbed some red ribbon...

Ribbon time!

...and tied little bows on each side of the dress!

Top is tied!!

The dress was completed...

Week 39: Bonnie - After

With the collar gone and the ribbon cinches, the dress was ready for the day.  Because the skirt was so flowy, I was totally craving a little dance sesh and I may or may not have spun and performed chainés (I always thought they were sha-nay turns!) in the office.

Thanks for sending Bon!!