Week 39: Sarah Part III

We're going back to Sarah's fab piece that we used in March to create a fun short sleeved top and sleeveless number! Week 39: Sarah Part III - Before

There were a bunch of these puppies left over and I had some ideas brewing...


I grabbed some of my black elastic on hand...


... measured a piece about four inches and stitched the end down.

Cut & Sew!

I snipped the edges and began to stitch the buttons to the elastic for my soon-to-be hair band!

Hand stitching!!

Once my buttons were set, I put it in my hair to keep it out of my face.

Week 39: Sarah Part III - After

It was cooking club night and I had some fried garbanzo beans to prep!

Fried chick peas!!

I was inspired to create the hair band after seeing this cute one on Aussie site Monsterthreads.

Wooden Squirrel!

We chose to make tapas and will be pushing our favorites and 5 ingredient night over the next months. (Thanks for all your recipe help!!)  The dessert spread was pretty delish as well - chocolate covered marshmallows with rice krispies on top, salted dark chocolate and caramel, and white chocolate covered pretzels.

Dessert spread!

Mmm...leftovers tonight!!