Royals Week: Day 2

Royals Week!! It's Day Two of Royals Week!!

Today's inspiration...Kate's blue brocade-ish jacket

Kate in blue!

I loved the texture to this piece and the color of this jacket, so I was on a mission to craft something similar.

I started off with this piece...

Royals Week: Day 2 - Before

This dress was something that I came across at the end of last year - I was thinking that I could make a good seasonal piece with the velvet waist and the pouffy sleeves!  Unfortunately the only seasonal pieces I did were for Christmas and this just never found a place...until now.

First thing I did was get out my dye!!

RIT Time!!

I grabbed one of my floater boxes of Evening Blue RIT Dye and turned to the washing machine!

Put in the piece...

Dye time!

Let it soak in the hot water, took it out, added salt, then the dye as well before adding the piece back in.

Dye bath!!

Once the piece came out, it was time to get cracking to turn this from dress to jacket!!  Now, the shade didn't come out as strong on the fabric, however the blue took to the lace cuffs and collar deliciously! well!

I began by taking the velvet and trim waist off.

Waist off!!

Once it was removed...

Off with her head!! was time to add my new waist!  I grabbed some grosgrain ribbon in a cornflower blue shade...


...and began pinning into place!

Pin City!!

I cut off the bottom of the dress to get the piece more jacket sized...

Cutting short!!

...and then seam ripped down the center of the piece to make it completely open!!

Seam ripped down the center!!

I sat down, sewed a new hem, attached the ribbon and had my jacket completely a la Kate!

Royals Week: Day 2 - After

I left a longer amount of the grosgrain in the front so I could tie a pretty bow.


I'd say inspired by Kate, but had more of an English, Shakespearean vibe!

The sleeves!

I mean, get a load of those sleeves!

The back!!

I actually loved the back - which was the original front of the dress!! I turned it around!!  No darts - it was tight up on the boobs in the beginning!

And before I passed out, the news was showing Westminster Abbey...

Westminster!! they do at the top of the hour, each hour, so I couldn't resist.  How much fun to be there in London right now...all those London readers, share a bit of the frenzy with me!!

More tomorrow!!