Royals Week: Day 1

In celebration of the upcoming nuptials of Wills and Kate Middleton this Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a theme week!! ROYALS WEEK!!!

Today's inspiration...Kate's engagement dress by Issa!!

Kate's Issa Dress

I loved the way this piece fit her and the fabric, the was a total hit and it cost $535.  Here's my version...

I found my blue flowy dress at the pile sale by me for a mere dollar...

Issue one: broken strap

Royals Week: Day 1 - Before

Issue two: ripped skirt

Ripped skirt!!

Kate wouldn't be caught dead in this!!  But we'll take care of these problems...

First thing I did was pin the ripped strap!  Unless there was going to be a little burlesque number going on, this wasn't going to do...

Pin that strap!!

Once the strap was pinned together, next came the pinning of the skirt!

Pinned it together!!

Once these two pieces were tweaket, out came the sewing machine and everything got stitched up!!

Sew time!!

This week came at a perfect time because I went to hang with some British friends of mine!

Royals Week: Day 1 - After

I borrowed their beer of choice, as it's from the UK, to be my prop...

British Beer!!

...loved that it matched so well too!!

The back of the piece looked a little like this...

The back!

I got my hand on NK's UK passport and pretended I was getting ready to head to London.


Luckily for me, all I have to do is turn on any channel to see live coverage from London all week.  I mean Tim Gunn's even there 'making it work' with ABC covering the spectacle!

Tim Gunn!!

More tomorrow!