Royals Week: Day 3

Royals Week! It's Day Three of Royals Week!!  Just one more day until the wedding!!

Today’s inspiration…Kate’s brown leather hat!!

Cowboy-esque hat!!

Now, I'm obsessed with her fascinators and adore Philip Treacy, but I'll have to work on one of those to go along with one of the real weddings that I have this year!!  Maybe rock something that looks a little like this?

Tres amazing!

First thing I found was the hat!!


Total flea market find!!  Right now it feels a bit more like Jennifer Lopez!

J LO!!

I saw that the price had been dropped...

Price break!!

...and I worked it down to $6 - wouldn't give it to me for an easy five note.

I headed to my local fabric store and scored some feathers!


I decided to use my glue gun to affix, but feel free to stitch or even velcro...if you don't want perma-feathers!

Hot glue time!

Hat is not totally finished and looking just like Kate!

Royals Week: Day 3 - After

Kate's hat was leather...


Mine was wool...


I loved this simple addition - I'm totally going to be rocking this again, royals week or not!!

Royal Portrait!

Maybe I'll have to wear it to a rugby match, er, friends softball game...

I think I hear the bells already...we're less than 24 hours away!!