Week 40: Easter

Happy Easter!! I ended up giving up a few things for Lent, candy being one of them, so I was ecstatic to be able to enjoy one of my favorite seasonal treats first thing this morning.  The Cadbury Egg.  And when I say this morning, I mean it was a little appetizer at 7:30am when I woke up.

There seems to be a love it or hate it relationship with these guys, so I'm sure some of you feel me and others don't get the obsession.  I'm not a fan of Red Vines, so there you go...

I was trying to figure out a cute way to incorporate these into my outfit, so I came up with a cute little accessory...

Unwrapping the deliciousness!!

I began by unwrapping my treat...

...and completely removed the egg without ripping any of the foil.

Literally my favorite...

I took a quarter, picked an area of the foil I wanted to show...

Wrapper Time!

...and began to wrap!

Shiny Pretty Things!

I had my Cadbury disk all ready to turn it into a ring!!  I took a ponytail holder, and affixed the little metal part of the band to the foil with a little hot glue and then covered it with a little bit of fabric to keep in place.

All wrapped!

Wrapped the band around my finger a few times (I did it too tight for the first go and then wrapped it just 3 times so my fingers could breathe) and had my Easter bling!!  I was inspired by this link on Yahoo Green (thanks Jennie K for posting it on Facebook!) and continued to think candy!!

Edible & Wearable

We went to Aroma Cafe in Studio City (aka the val) and got lemonades, sammies, and scrambles for our Easter brunch!!

Easter Sammie Time!

Of course I sat next to my brother so I could steal bites of his rosemary potatoes :)

Me and the Broham!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and those celebrating Easter, hope it was fantastic!!