Week 41: Tracy’s NDAD Creation

It's been really so amazingly cool to see how far the blog has reached, from within the US to the rest of the world!!  (I'm always using Google Translate for the emails that are in other languages!!)  Today's came all the way from down under - my gal Tracy from Plymouth, NZ. "I was totally inspired by your renovations that I spent all summer (I'm in New Zealand) doing my own."

Tracy - Before

I now have about 15 news dresses and at least 15 other items that I've altered.

Tracy did a little bit of trimming but still kept the essence of that black striping and transformed that before dress into a completely different after one...

Tracy - After

..a gorgeous halter!!  I love those pockets and it ties so well into the rest of the dress - this is something I'd totally wear with some fab wedges for the summer.

It's filled my wardrobe with new, unique clothes that cost me just $0.50NZD.  Thank you for the inspiration!"

So thrilled that you've got a new wardrobe Tracy, all for just coffee money!!  Thanks for sharing!!