Week 41: Prince

OK, so I got some Prince tix last week for one of his 21 LA shows on his "Welcome 2 America" tour.  Best part of the whole thing was that 85% of the tickets were going for $25 (all inclusive of fees and taxes) so it was totally accessible to purchase :) Prince rules for doing that for the fans... I was out and about this weekend and came across this...

Week 41: Prince - Before

It was my 'raspberry beret' dress I found at a pile sale for $1 and I knew I had to wear it for the show!

I wanted to make it more of a mini to wear with some tights and boots, so I got to trimming!

Going short for Prince!

Shoulder pads came out next...

Taking out the shoulder pads for Prince!

...however Prince would be into the pads, but since I'm going sleeveless, they have to say goodbye.

Pads out for Prince!

I wanted to take the sleeves off just because I knew I would be dancing like a madwoman... (I take his song 'Let's Go Crazy' very seriously)

Removing sleeves for Prince!

...and wanted to avoid any extra sweat issues that I'd be having!

Going sleeveless for Prince!

Now that my piece is beginning to take shape...

Sleeveless time for Prince!

...I went to the sewing machine to fix the hem, the arms and to take it in a bit under the sleeves at the torso.

Sewing it all up for Prince!

My dress was complete and off to the LA Forum we went!!  Pre arriving to our seats, I snapped a little pic of his symbol'd stage behind me!!  All my pics are from my iPhone as I didn't want my real camera to be confiscated by the security peeps in the yellow jackets who scoured through my purse as we arrived.

Prince Show!!

He took the stage at around 9:30 and literally rocked the house.

Prince Show!!

Sheila E came out during the show and drummed her heart out and even gave us a little 'The Glamorous Life'.  I mean, I couldn't have been more excited!!

Color changin'

But, I was more excited and I did get more excited as Prince pranced around the stage, killing it on guitar and singing 'Raspberry Beret', '1999' and a bit of 'Crimson & Clover'.  When Prince finished, he didn't really finish because he came out for like six more encores.  House lights went up and some people left, but the rest of the arena was clapping and chanting and out Prince returns about 25 minutes later solo, doing a little medley and then going into 'Kiss'.

Sing it Prince!!

The New Power Generation came back out again too and gave us more which literally made this one of the most incredible shows to see.  Prince is ridiculous and when the rest of the tix go on sale for the other shows, I'm going to try to have another go!  It was totally worth getting home at 1:30am!

Post encores!!

I loved the dress - not only was it airy and flowy, it matched his song.  'Raspberry beret. I think I lo-uh-uh-ve her!'