Week 41: Danielle

I absolutely loved the material of this fab tunic of sorts that Danielle in PA sent my way. Week 41: Danielle - Before

"I thought this was so pretty when I saw it at a thrift store however what struck me the most was the tag.  I remember you had an October birthday like me, so I figured you'd enjoy that part of the piece."

Um Danielle...you rule!!  Said tag...

My sign!!

I'm a total Libra and those scales are my sign!!

The flowers seemed like they were hand painted on which I loved and the fabric had a lovely metallic sheen to it as well.

Fabric ECU!!

It felt super nightgowny and the best part...

Love me some faux buttons!

The buttons were sewed down!!  It was actually really hard to get my head through, and the gold buttons scratched my forehead when I was taking the piece off so I wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen again!

Grabbed the seam ripper and began to open up the neckline because it was sewed down all the way to where the last button was situated.

Unstitch the neckline!

I wanted to make this a more fitted piece, so I began pinning (there's one midway down the photo all the way on the right - the rest blended in!) the arms, the torso and the bottom of the piece to make it less round and straighter across.

Pin time!

I began stitching the pinned areas and got to taking the whole piece in before I headed to the G/C household to celebrate Passover!!

Sew time!

I paired the piece with a big vintage gold link necklace along with my chestnut boots and jeans to enjoy a spread of matzoh and a yummy fruit compote with stewed prunes and pineapples!

Week 41: Danielle - After

The last Passover I attended was back in college, so it was fun to revisit and partake in the celebration.


There was an amazing spread of brisket (thank you Gelson's!) however as I gave up red meat for Lent I only enjoyed the potato kugel, matzoh ball soup and hard boiled eggs - love embracing other religions, however the gefilte fish was the one thing not embraced :)

Along with the other shiksas there, we let the 'mother of the house' take the reigns on the evening.

Mother of the House and the matzoh!

So fun to participate in an amazing Seder with my west coast family of friends.

Lessoning my cup of wine!

I did not find the hidden matzoh, however partook in the search.  If I only looked inside the drum set, MC!!

Happy holidays!!