Week 41: Jenny

I must say that when I received this in the mail I knew it would be a ridiculously fun photo shoot, capturing the classic before shot! Week 41: Jenny - Before

Jenny sent this dress my way...I thought it would be easier to just put her letter in!

Sweet, sweet note!

Um, a dress intentionally purchased for dude to rock in a skit?!  Love it...

Also love these...


And this attached vesty deal!


I got some work to do!!

Main plan of attack:  Get rid of that blue knit vest!!  It was stitched down to the dress on the sides, around the arms and at the shoulders, so I just grabbed my seam ripper and started to remove the stitching.

Gots to get rid!

I took a quick break to remove my favorites...

Pads out!!

...and then got back to work.  As I was going around the piece, I took off the sleeves completely.

Sleeves off!!

I also ended up with this after meticulously unhinging the front and the back of the dress...

It's off!!

Navy vest is goners!!  Woo hoo!!  I began to pin the edges together, tweaking where the sleeves needed to be sewn down and pinning where the dress needed to be taken in.

Pin those edges!!

Once the pinning was complete, I trimmed about four rows of squares off from the bottom of the dress (on/around five-ish inches) and got my hem prepped for some sewing.

Trim City USA!!

Once the dress was resewn, shortened and tightened, I grabbed my vintage Candie's and enjoyed the summer weather!!

Week 41: Jenny - After

I had some errands to run too, so it was one of those roll the windows down, blast the tunes (had on some Arcade Fire to pretend I was at Coachella this weekend listening to them live) and cruise down Ventura Boulevard.  No, seriously I did a little driving in the val today...wasn't just quoting Tom Petty :)

Dancin' in the doorway!

I kind of loved how this rose in the yard matched my dress...but, if only the dress smelled as sweet.

Matching from the garden!

Thanks for sending Jenny :)  Check out her cute blog here!!