Week 41: Meredith

I was going to save this for an upcoming muumuu week (thanks to all of you who have been sending muumuus my way...I've got enough to devote a week to them...maybe a muumuu month even!!) but thought it would be fun - and time efficient - to work on one today!!  Meredith sent this my way from San Diego! Week 41: Meredith - Before

A slightly ruffled neck muumuu with a great color palette?  Love!!  The length and the size, don't love!

"This muumuu has a big zipper down the front and you'll probably be swimming in it!  I was at a garage sale and found this with a box of blankets and sweatshirts and thought of you immediately.  I would never have thought twice about a muumuu if it wasn't for you.  Have fun sweetie!"

OK, let's have some fun!!

I took my scissors and got to trimming!!  I cut a good foot and a half of material off from the bottom.

Trim Time!

For this one today, I'm leaving the edges raw!!   From the excess material, I snipped a strip off from it about three inches in width to use as a belty-sash!!

Raw edged!!

Newly cut muumuu, sash to cinch the waist and we're totally cooking with gas!!

Week 41: Meredith - After

So thoughts on muumuu May??  We'll see more of these next month!! Thanks Mer :)