Week 42: Dyan

I felt like I was in a fabric shop looking for material for curtains and couches when I saw this piece! "A mumu for you-you".  I mean Dyan...LOVE!!

Week 42: Dyan - Before

Hello slit!

Hello leg!

I can't imagine actually wearing this without being worried I'd pull a Gary Busey from Celebrity Apprentice...


...so this had to be tweaked!!

First off...cut in half!


I went short with this and was leftover with this lovely bottom half which will be used again very shortly!!

The leftovers...

I loved the material, so I wanted to make something that wasn't too overwhelmingly floral, so Jacket City USA here we come!!

Hem time!

Went to the sewing machine, tacked it down, paired it with skinny jeans, boots and a tank and headed off to the alley!!

Week 42: Dyan - After

The bowling alley...I'm the worst bowler but had the most fun trying to find a ball that was not only light enough, but in a matching shade!!

No gutters, no gutters!

I thought the green would bring out the leaves next to the flowers...I stuck more to the color matching and less to the actual bowling to be honest.  Can't ever beat the staple 72 score!!  Must. Keep. Trying!!

FYI...I took a vintage brooch to keep the jacket together up top!  A little close up...

Brooch time!!

It totally blended in!!  Matchy, matchy :)