Week 42: Mara

I received this awesome piece from Mara in ND in fall and just loved the sleeves of the piece. Week 42: Mara - Before

They were a lovely fluttery style and the ruffles cascaded down the front on each side of the piece.  Overall it wasn't really doing much but with a few small adjustments this was going to be ready to wear to a little reality show-slash-jeans party celebration with a former MTV-er.

I took out the shoulder pads from this lovely early 90s-esque piece!  The material of the dress - a rayon blend - and how thin and flowy it was didn't really lend itself to football shoulders!  It's not even football season (single tear) so I just decided to yank them gently out.

Pads out!

I wanted to wear this as a top today, as I'm going to a jeans event, so I took my shears and got snipping!

Going short!

There was elastic at the waist so I cut about four inches or so below it.  I wanted a little bit of that flowyness to stay intact.  Next up, I began to trim the neck to create a slight V neck.  I really loved the idea of opening it up a bit - the piece was fun, so I wanted to get rid of the more structured high neck and show a little bit of neck :)

V Neck!!

With those three easy tweaks, my top was ready for a trip to The Redbury for an event celebrating Audrina Patridge, her new reality TV show called Audrina (really - I never got into The Hills...), and her tie in with Bongo Jeans' new collection for KMart and JC Penney.

Week 42: Mara - After

The space was gorgeous and one of my favorite parts was this below candy bar!!  It was all made up of red candies which had my favorites - Twizzlers, sour cherries, gummy strawberries, and M&Ms!!

Candy Bar!!

Had my gals LG and TT along for the ride as we discussed LG's pending nuptials and pretended we were really cake tasting for her big day!!

Celebratory cake!

Just couldn't resist getting a photo with the signage that was everywhere...it was wallpapered with Audrina!!

Me & Audrina's Bikini Spread

Comfortable top perfect for a little shindig with sweet treats and gratis jeans!!  I got a pair of shorts from Bongo's Jean Bar which I'm excited to wear this summer!  The price point on these are in the $15-ish range making them totally in my budge range!!

Mara, loves the dress!  Thanks for sending my way!!