Week 42: Lee

I got this lovely floral number sent my way by Lee. "I liked the ruffles on this piece and the sheerness between the stripes, but there is a lot going on.  It is the perfect Easter dress if you ask me!"

Week 42: Lee - Before

Lee's right - there is a lot going on here!  I like the ruffles but they were a bit much.  The top of the piece is a little big too, so I've got an idea for that too...

First I cut the sleeves!

Sleeve Trim!!

Decided to make them short and with the leftovers...

The leftovers!!

I trimmed these elastic ruffled bits off though because I wanted to still use them!  They look like little garters!  Anyone getting married? :)

The cuffs!!

With my new sleeves, I affixed the elastic bracelets to the end and I did a little pinch and cinch at the collarbone area!!  That was exactly the thing to make the top of the dress fit like a glove!

Week 42: Lee - After

This dress couldn't be more comfortable!!  I added my brown almost-over-the-knee boots, a skinny leather brown belt and some pink beads around my neck!!


Visited my gal REF in town from San Fran at her hotel, The London, and ordered some room service :)

Gordon Ramsey!!

There was no 'kitchen nightmare' with the tortilla soup and shoestring fries we ordered, but I do love Gordon Ramsey when he goes all out fixing up those disastrous eateries!!  She had the room slippers on and I took off my boots to just relax with my gal over snacks and chats.


Relaxing Monday night is just the way to start off the week :)  Thank you for the piece Lee!!