Week 43: Nancee

This lovely little number came from Nancee in Delaware.  It's very simple - white, has light blue flowers covering it, elastic waist, but it just looked blah when I tried it on. "This looks like something that should be worn in a kitchen!  It's too white and there are no stains, so I doubt that was the case but it has that lunchlady type look." Why yes Nancee, it totally does.

Week 43: Nancee - Before

All I need is a hair net and I could be channeling a little bit of Chris Farley action from SNL in the 90s.

Lunch Lady!!

Time to tweak!

I decided that I wanted to shorten the dress up a bit - I began snipping and took off about four inches from the bottom.


I had some leftovers that I may or may not be using as a sash later on.  We'll see how it goes...

Sash perhaps?

I plugged in my iron and did a bit of pressing to get ready to make a new hem.  Woo!

Iron Maiden!

Once the fabric was prepped with steam and pins, I began to sew!

Stitch time!

I rolled the sleeves and the waist was a bit big, so I opted to grab a leather belt to cinch.  The belt totally matches my brown wedges to bring in the earthy palette too.

Glowing After Shot!

I did have on the glasses today as my allergies took full control over the contacts situation.  Red eyes, no bueno!  It totally assists in the retro feel...it's like I should be holding a blue glitter bowling ball or something :)

Week 43: Nancee - After

And my favorite part...

ECU on the Pocket Action!

...the handy pockets.  I threw in my camera, a hair band and a little bit of lip gloss.  Just the right size to hold the tools to my camera-readiness!  Thanks for the dress Nancee - I think we're veering away from the cafeteria now :)