Week 43: Lily

When I made my way through the packing tape and started to open the box this piece was in I smiled immediately.  Lily in FL sent this little piece of sunshine my way..."I found this at a local thrift store - the ruffles on the sleeves were cute and I know you'll be able to "make it work"!! I was obsessed with the pinks, purples and greens on this dress!!  It's like this fabric was made from my dreams.  It looked a little something like this...

Week 43: Lily - Before

It was a super thick polyester/cotton blend, feeling almost like it should be one of those bold shower curtains that Urban Outfitters sell.

Urban Curtain!

There wasn't a whole ton of shape and I felt like I was wearing a pillow sham!!  I knew exactly what I wanted to to with this...looking like a pillow sham will make me sleepy and it's kind of hard to nap at work :)

First off I trimmed the big old ruffle off of the bottom of the dress!!  It's like I was leftover with a mini bed skirt post-cut.

Go short!!

There was a seam that was made all the way down the front of the piece which made it super easy to open it up.  Took seam rippers and began to open it up about four inches or so.

Seam ripping!

Once I had it opened up, I went down the route of turning it into a V-neck.  I took each side, folded them under, pinned them in place.

V time!

Once the top of the piece was pinned, out came the sewing machine and down it got tacked!!

Pin before sew time!

My Trina Turk-esque piece was ready to wear!

Week 43: Lily - After

Paired with jeans, my vintage tassel necklace, and my crazy huge bandage I put on over a little frying pan burn (got a little too excited making blueberry pancakes that I burned my arm) I loved the new top - it felt like I was on vacation and I should be lounging poolside in Palm Springs or Key West, per the tag :)

Hello Palm Springs!

It even matched the couch perfectly!!  Hmm...this would have made some lovely pillows!!

Couch matching time!

Lily - what a lovely piece you sent my way!!  It made me think of beaches and pools and how close summer is...a good feeling to have when rain is on the forecast for the next couple of days!!