Week 43: Lori

I got this lovely 'garden on a jacket' from Lori in MI. "I know this is going to be big on you, so you probably won't keep it a jacket, but the flowers are simply beautiful.  I hope you salvage those somehow. Looking forward to seeing it!"

Week 43: Lori - Before

Lori was right, the jacket was a bit big, but the flowers were amazing!  Some were embroidered, some were made up of ribbons - they were really gorgeous.  The wheels started turning and I started to figure out what I wanted to do...

I took my pruning shears and began to snip away.

Trimming the weeds!

I cut out the flowers from the left side of the jacket...

Just tending the garden...

...and trimmed them right up to the edges.

All pruned!

I decided that I wanted a cascading vine of flowers of sorts and I was going to add that to a basic grey Hanes tank top, starting at the strap and traveling down.  I grabbed some safety pins and got to work.  You can sew down them down as well, but I wanted the flexibility of rewearing the grey tank without anything on it.

Safety Pinned!

My tank was complete and it was time to celebrate my gal JB's birthday!!

Week 43: Lori - After

We rallied the troops, even had some Seattle visitors in the house... (PS, I heart Seattle!!)

Happy Birthday JB!!

...to cheers along with the birthday gal!  We were at a tequila bar and NC found that she's related to Don Cardona tequila!!

The Namesake Tequila!

Well, not technically, but they do share the same surname.  The tequila was tested but just didn't live up to the rockin' Cardona name.

Post-bopping in the booths!

We danced in our seats, talked about the pending Sunday brunch that had turned into an epic event and cheersed to Miss J!

JB & NC sandy!

Lori, thank you for the fab jacket!!  I still have a whole other side of flowers to play with that will come to use very, very soon!!