Week 44: Korrie’s NDAD Creation

Today's creation comes my way via Rochester, MN and my gal Korrie!! Korrie - Before

"So...I stopped by an estate sale last summer and found a bunch of really amazing pieces, but they were marked pretty steep. I was just walking away when the woman said...

"I'll give you the whole rack for $5.00, but you HAVE to take it all!" I thought, jackpot!  So I bought about 30 pieces for $5 that day. Good deal." Good deal is right Miss K!  I love when scores like this happen - the woman getting rid of her clothes wins and Korrie walked away with a month's worth of gear ready to be remade.

She did a little sleeve removal, some shortening, got rid of the Brady Bunch belt and had a rockin' dress perfect to pair with some knee-high boots!!

Korrie - After

Throw on some sling back pumps, a big and bold statement necklace, along with a clutch and you have another whole new outfit perfect for a cocktail party;  a 2-in-1 ensemble which is even more bang for your five bucks!!

I know I wanted to recreate your amazing finds into wearable fun outfits.  You've inspired me so much!  Thanks!" Thank you for sharing - what an awesome job Korrie!!