Week 44: Cathy

This would have been a perfect dress to wear in June and when I received it from Cathy in Albany that was my intention until I saw the forecast for the week.  Today was literally a taste of July in March...it ended up being record setting (92 degrees) so sundress, sign me up!! "I thought this dress would look pretty with your skin tone.  They're California colors and will suit you nicely.  Have fun in sunny Los Angeles."

I loved the pattern of the piece...

Week 44: Cathy - Before

...and the color palette, but it was a bit big and needed some sweetening up!!  Also, there were a few seams loose on the top of the dress that needed some fixing.

Ripped Seam!!

Time to get to work!

Took care of the length first - I trimmed off about nine inches from the bottom...

Short for Summer!

...and then pinned my new hem.

Pinned hem!

The unstitched seam got pinned next.

Pinned up that hole!

I got out the sewing machine and stitched a new hem to my sundress!!

Hem time!

I also mended the top of the dress as well - no more holes near the boobs!!

Tweak that seam!

I liked the mild sweetheart neck but wanted to accentuate so, I did my signature move - started off by making a little accordion of fabric and pinched it!!

Pinchin' yo!

After my pinching, I began a little cinching with a safety pin.  Voila, new neckline complete!!

Cinchin', yo!

I took a lavender belt, threw up my hair into a bun and wore some wedges with my new piece.

Week 44: Cathy - After

After not being able to figure out what to do for dinner because it was flaming hot today, I went to my second home...Trader Joe's.  I couldn't think about cooking anything in my non-air conditioned pad because when the oven gets turned on, it's like an insta-heater.  Great in winter, not so great the rest of the year!  I grabbed some salad fixins and grabbed a box of these...

Me & My O's!

Salad and cereal on a 90 degree day.  Dinner, complete!  Cathy, thank you for my new 'summer in March' dress. I will definitely wear it again when it's actually summer for real :)