Week 44: Anna

I loved this little piece when I opened the package that came from Anna in AZ!! "This seemed a mix of 80s and disco with a feminine touch."

Week 44: Anna - Before

It was a slight spandexy mix but the best part was the attached black tank and black skirt.  I totally had shirts when I was a kid that either had a stitched in faux turtleneck or on a short sleeved piece, it looked like there was a long sleeved shirt underneath, but it was just faux long sleeves sewn to the ends... This totally fit the bill!

Because I was totally jazzed about the blue part of the piece, I was going to get that into 'wear me mode'!!  I began by taking scissors and just trimming out that tank underneath.

Trim that tank!

Once that was out, I went for the skirt next.

Snipped out!

There was elastic at the waist, so I began trimming right underneath it, as I wanted to keep it intact!

Snip that skirt!

Once the skirt was removed, I snipped the belt loops on each side of the dress.  Those loops were also located around my rib cage so even if I was going to do a belt, it would have fallen a bit too high on me!

Off with the belt loops!

After just a bunch of cuts today with my trusty Singer scissors, I took my blue top, added a white tank underneath and paired it with jeans and some black heels.

It's Electric!

I also took a vintage brooch and pinned it to the center of the piece.

 Week 44: Anna - After

It looked like it was supposed to be there as a clasp or button, which I loved, when in fact the piece was fully connected!!


Anna, thanks for the fab piece!!  I love a little non-stitching day...makes it easy for anyone to get away with fixes when it only involves scissors!!